We provide answers to digital accessibility questions

Intopia Support is an information service focusing on web and digital accessibility. Our primary users are the people who build and maintain digital products and services.

Those people could include designers, developers, content producers, user experience specialists, information architects, team leaders, managers, and more – who could work in government, non-government, corporate, commercial or consultancy environments.

Their products and services could include small, large or enterprise level websites, portals, apps, documents, videos, presentations – and all the software and hardware that goes along with them.

Why we made it

At Intopia, we have a team of high level accessibility experts who conduct detailed and customised accessibility audits and assessments for a range of clients.

This typically involves not just identifying accessibility issues, but also advising how to address them. Over time, we’ve built up a solid bank of techniques, methods, interpretations – a store of very specific knowledge that is both wide-ranging and able to be customised to suit different contexts.

What underpins this is our experts’ awesome understanding of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. WCAG 2.1 is our bread and butter – our team members literally discuss the finer points on a daily basis in the course of helping our clients. Our technical expertise is always firmly based on a clear understanding of usability best practice and meeting the access needs of all users.

Intopia Support lets us make this built-up Knowledge Base available to you: searchable, browseable, a source for answering direct enquiries.

How it works

Intopia Support is a subscription product, initially available through a single plan.


Intopia Support Standard Plan: $500.00 per month

For this monthly fee, subscribers can log in and either search through the Knowledge Base to browse possible ways to address an issue, or use a simple form to Ask Us a Question, letting them describe the situation in their own words as well as uploading screenshots, code snippets and other files to demonstrate the issue.

We’ll then put together a customised response, which might involve drawing on the Knowledge Base, getting specific advice from our in-house experts and/or undertaking external research. We might seek further detail to fully understand what’s required, and we can easily set up a video call to discuss your enquiry face-to-face, albeit remotely.

Intopia Support offers you the best possible answers to your web and digital accessibility questions.