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AIDGC Conference 2020

Planning for our Annual Conference on 25 September 2020 is proceeding. Due to a late change by the venue and the uncertainties around Covid-19, the conference will now be held virtually. The costs associated with the reduced scope of the Conference are being reviewed along with the potential to run the conference over several days […]

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Admin – Add a page

It’s not hard to create a page – especially if you are cloning an existing one…..  But getting it to show on the menu is the next trick! It is important in the page attributes to set the “order”.  If this is not done, it will not appear in the menus.  

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Admin change a password…

This is NOT done through wishlist plugin. Go to users menu item, find the user, select, and edit. There is a password part, and a button to generate a new password.  Copy the password and email it to the user. Remember to save or submit the edited user record. Scott Young.  

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How Important is Light in the Living Room?

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Make your bathroom more enjoyable

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